Tech Talk: Professional development via the bathroom stall

Weekly Tech Tip emails (see Supporting Technology Integration) are a great way to provide  technology integration support. But how many emails do teachers receive in a day? The answer is a lot. It is not always easy to sit down and truly digest the weekly tech tip. While some teachers are reading the tech tips, I knew others are not due to lack of time. Teachers need differentiation just like students. As a professional development provider, it is imperative that I provide multiple avenues for learning. Could I provide the teachers another avenue for reading the tech tip? I began to think about my training I have received from Lea Arnau, instructional coaching expert from Learning Forward. She once told us in a workshop about a coach who posted quick tips in the faculty restrooms. I designed a one-page flyer that  is posted in the faculty restrooms at each of my three buildings. Tech Talk is a summary of the weekly tech tips that a teacher can quickly read. My plan is to change out the Tech Talks twice a month. The response so far has been very positive. One fifth grade teacher developed her own lesson based on Issue 2 (Movie Making and Instruction). Students worked in pairs to develop iMovies based upon assigned section in the social studies text-book. Prior to making the movie, students developed a storyboard. Students will then show their movies to their classmates when they study that particular topic. When the teacher approached me about the project, she told me she developed the idea based upon the Tech Talk I had posted in the bathroom. Learning can happen in the bathroom stalls!

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About dps61techcoach

I am the mother of two boys and happily married for 15 years. Currently, I am a school improvement specialist for Decatur Public Schools. Next year I will be an instructional technology coach. I am super excited about this new role.
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