Supporting technology integration

On a weekly basis the Instructional Technology Coaches (ICT) send out a tech tip. This year the Tech Tip was structured to support the 10 iPads at each school that teachers can check out. While working on my Master’s degree in Educational Technology over the summer, I created this plan as assignment for a class. I knew we needed to provide more support than just a one stop workshop in order for the iPads to be used.  I used a couple main concepts when designing the framework. 

1. Adult learning theory: There is a underlying principles when working with adult learners. The basic assumptions are adults learners are independent, wants efficiency, seeks new knowledge, needs interaction for optimal learning, and wants a facilitator.

2. On-going support:  Classroom teachers do not have the time to learn about technology integration in large amounts of time. However, the need is great for provide technology integration support. The support needs to be given out in small chucks over a long period of time.

3. Web-based: The main goal is to support the integration of the building check-out iPads. However, 10 iPads is not a lot. So it is important to focus upon applications that were web-based. This would allow teachers to take students to the computer lab and continue working on projects. 

4. Creation-based:  Creation-based/student-centered activities are used to develop high-order and critical thinking skills.

Based upon these concepts, I developed a framework utilizing our Tech Tips as the main vehicle.  Each month was themed around a creation-based/web-based application. 

Week 1(email): Short video tutorial (created by an ITC or found on YouTube) and instructions using the application were sent out via email. 

Week 2 (email): Tips on how to connect instruction and the application. A short formative survey via Google forms to assess if the tutorial was helpful and questions educators have.


Week 3 (face-to-face): ITCs held on-site support sessions at each building. The session is designed for teachers to ask questions and work with the ITC on develop lessons using the application. The formative survey data helps the ITC understand what is needed at the face-to-face meetings. These sessions have opened the door for the ITC to work with teachers in their classrooms. 

Week 4 (email): More tips on using the application instructional were sent. 

All resources can be found at

My next blog post will discuss the topics by month and adjustments that have been made after one semester of school. 





About dps61techcoach

I am the mother of two boys and happily married for 15 years. Currently, I am a school improvement specialist for Decatur Public Schools. Next year I will be an instructional technology coach. I am super excited about this new role.
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