ISTE, Now What?

Last week, I had the privilege to attend the International Society for Technology Education Conference in San Antonio, TX. I attended the conference with two of my colleagues, Libby Kirkland (@KirklandeduK8s) and Chrissie Edwards (@chrissie62573). We attended many great sessions and connected with other educators. I learned so much and wanted to try everything! However, I live in the real world. I have a family and finishing up my second masters degree. So trying everything is not really an option right now. But I wanted to start somewhere. Sitting in the terminal at San Antonio International Airport, I was browsing through the tweats on Twitter. I came across a tweat from Issac Pineda (@Kairosedtech) that helped me answer my lingering question, “Now what?”. Issac wrote a blog titled “Bringing ISTE 13 Home”.

In his blog, Issac posed 4 questions to ponder to take learning and turn into an action plan. Visit his blog to view these questions. Based on these questions, he also gives 3 suggestions on how to take my learning from ISTE 13 and put it into practice.

1. Blog about your most significant learning.

This inspired me to work on my own blog again. To be honest, my blog writing is more for my own reflection on my own professional practice and learning. However, if someone else gains from my blog that is a bonus. What was my significant learning? Actually it was not a new learning for me rather than a renewed or refreshed learning. The sessions that I gained the most learning were the sessions I was an active participant. Like many learners, I learn the best when I get to manipulate and test new concepts in a safe and supportive environment. However, how many professional development session tell teachers to allow students become active learners in the lesson, remove the “sage on the stage” and allow students to own their learning? Yet the professional development session is the exact opposite than the message begin delivered. So, I as work to develop a 2-day inservice for ESL teachers at one of my schools, I am keeping this renewed idea in the center of the session development. My session is going to take a more constructivist approach of learning. If research supports using the constructivist approach with students then that would also be true for teachers. After all, teachers are students first. I am student then a teacher. Are you a student then a teacher?

Later in week, I will post my thoughts on Issac’s second suggestion. Until then, keep learning and developing your PLN.




Enjoying some fresh air after a great day of learning!


BrainPop is a great resource. (Oh, I do like Moby also.)


About dps61techcoach

I am the mother of two boys and happily married for 15 years. Currently, I am a school improvement specialist for Decatur Public Schools. Next year I will be an instructional technology coach. I am super excited about this new role.
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2 Responses to ISTE, Now What?

  1. Isaac Pineda says:

    Hi Molly!

    Thanks for taking the time to read and respond to my blog post. I feel honored that great educators like you really embrace this. It makes all the time I put into each post seem so much worth it.

    I wish the best of successes next year in your new role as a technology instructional coach. I’m sure all the people you will be serving will benefit from a sharp mind and a person who is determined to continue learning and instilling these values in others.

    I’m adding this blog to my list of EdTech blogs as I will also be learning a lot from you!


  2. Jgrady says:

    I too realize that I must change the way that I do my PD this year and also want my teachers to be active participants. I know that I will be able to count on my friend Libby to help me. Thanks for your inspiring thoughts, Molly!

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