Day 1: Dividing shapes into equal parts

Day one was much more successful with the changes I made to the iPad and Promethean centers. Here are the changes I made.

1. Promethean Center – I placed masking tape Xs on the carpet for the spectators and players. This helped the spectators see the board. The game they played today was matching and container game. Students were extremely engaged both playing the game and writing down the answers from the game.

2. iPad Center – I created a one page document that gave step by step instructions on how to find the videos and quiz in Edmodo. The students told me that the directions helped tremendously. They were able to quickly access the video.

Edmodo directions

The content of the lesson was fairly easy today so many students understood the concept. Tomorrow they will be introduced to numerators, denominators, and fractions as part of whole. On Wednesday, I will formatively assess the students using ActivExpressions and EduCreations. I am anxious to see the results.

More tomorrow!






About dps61techcoach

I am the mother of two boys and happily married for 15 years. Currently, I am a school improvement specialist for Decatur Public Schools. Next year I will be an instructional technology coach. I am super excited about this new role.
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