3.NF.1 & 2 Overview

As promised, here is the description of the unit.

This unit was designed based upon 3rd grade Math Common Core domain Number and Operations-Fractions standards 1 and 2. The following resources were utilized to build the unit.


  • 3rd grade EnVision math  by Pearson (Common Core)
  • Khan Academy
  • Learn Zillion
  • Discovery Education
  • Brain Pop Jr.


  • Promethean ActivInspire
  • Educreations
  • Edmodo

Below a brief description of the unit layout.

Pre-Assessment: Students will take a short seven question Discovery Education Probe for a baseline. This data will help determine the student  placement in center rotation.

1. Introduction/Exploration: The class will start with a 15-minute exploratory lesson. Students will be posed a question or problem.  Using manipulatives, (i.e.: fraction strips, counters, etc.) students will investigate the posed problem with partners. Then partners will be allowed to come to the Promethean Board to display their solutions. This beginning activity is to ignite students’ curiosity. There will be some whole class discussions during this time.

2. Centers: Students will be spending 60 minutes at stations after the introduction/exploration. The stations were designed so students would have access to online resources during the school day. While it would be ideal for students to

watch the videos at home, they must first be taught how to gain access to the videos. Also many of the students do not have access to computers at home.

a. iPads: Students will use Edmodo to view the daily video on the fraction topic. Videos were pulled from Learn Zillion, Khan Academy, Brain Pop, and teacher created videos using Educreations. At this station, students will watch the videos and then start their independent practice.

b. Promethean board: Students will play interactive fraction games that were built using ActivInspire software. Two to three students can play a game at at time. The students not playing the game will be writing the answers down in their math notebooks. Students will switch roles when the first game is over.

Sample Promethean Center acitivty

c. Teacher: Students will sit with the teacher and either receive direct instruction or tutoring. Students who scored lower on the pre-test will sit go to the teacher station first to get more a direct instruction approach. The students performing the highest on the pre-test will go to the teacher station last. These students will ask questions pertaining to the independent work or receive enrichment as time allows.

3. Assessment: Students will be formatively assessed every two to three days in a center format. Tasks will not be presented as assessments to the students but rather centers.

a. iPads: Students will have a task card inside their math notebooks with a posed situation dealing with fractions. Here is a sample situation “There are 12 houses on the street. 5/12 of the houses have garages. Draw a picture to explain the following set. Explain your drawing using fractions.”  Students will use Educreations to draw and talk about their answer. 

b. Promethean ActivExpressions: Students will use ActivExpressions (student response system) to answer questions based on the lessons leading up to the assessment.

Sample ActivExpression Assessment item

c.Enrichment/extra practice: Based on teacher observation of previous lessons, students still needing assistance will first work on re-teaching exercises prior to visiting the ActivExpressions or iPads. Those students needing enrichment will have enrichment exercises at this station.

Based on the assessment data, students will be regrouped for the next round of lessons. Students needing more guided instruction will visit the teacher center first. Students understanding the content will visit the iPad or Promethean centers first.

Post assessment: Students will take another seven question Discovery Education probe using similar items from the pre-assessment. This data will be used to determine growth over the two week unit.


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